Comic-Con 2011: EUREKA Panel Recap; New Trailer Teases the Town’s New Space Program

     July 22, 2011


The geniuses (and sheriff) of the scientific research town of Eureka were on hand today to talk about Season 4.5 of the popular SyFy series. Along with regular cast members Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Neil Grayston, this season’s new addition Felicia Day also joined a Q&A moderated by Wil Wheaton. Executive producers Jamie Paglia and Bruce Miller introduced a new trailer for the currently-airing season and teased the audience a bit with upcoming changes to America’s smartest little town. For info about Eureka’s new space program, the love triangle among scientists and even an animated Christmas special, hit the jump!

For those unfamiliar with Eureka, the SyFy series takes place in a small town in Oregon inhabited by geniuses, scientists and one blue collar sheriff (Ferguson). Most of the town works for advanced research company Global Dynamics. Nearly every episode deals with some complication arising from the townspeople’s experiments that often have world-ending consequences. Recent developments in the series have altered timelines that will further change relationships amongst the characters, such as the new character Dr. Holly Martin (Day) who is quickly becoming involved in a love triangle between Dr. Parrish (Wheaton) and Dr. Fargo (Grayston).eureka_season_4_poster

The trailer for the upcoming season 4.5 shows the cast of Eureka preparing for the Astraeus Program, an ambitious venture into space ending at Saturn’s moon, Titan. But before they can continue with the mission, they have to deal with the usual difficulties that arise back on Earth, such as a bank robbery in which thieves have literally stolen the entire bank. The trailer also shows the changing dynamics between the characters but makes no promises as to what will happen in the future and showcased scenes that are the very heart of Eureka’s character-driven plots. It also introduced guest spots by Wallace Shawn (The Princess Bride), Dave Foley (A Bug’s Life) and Stan Lee!

Newcomer Felicia Day remarked on just how comfortable it was to join this cast:

“They welcomed me like a family. And it’s great to be a part of something that has such a great blend of comedy, drama and science.”

In addition to the trailer, the cast discussed the specific episodes where certain actors went behind the camera to direct. Salli Richardson-Whitfield will be directing an episode entitled “Omega Girls” that will air on Monday August 8th at 8pm on SyFy, pitched as: A sinister plot is hatched in Eureka as outsiders infiltrate the town.

For fans of Eureka’s Christmas episode, executive producers Paglia and Miller announced they will be having another Christmas special this year. They are currently working with Curious Productions to develop an animated special. Unlike the animated Christmas special done by Community, the Eureka special will be done in multiple animation styles and is sure to be a fan favorite.

Finally, in a less newsworthy-but-still-cool moment, Paglia announced that today was Ferguson’s birthday and led the entirety of Ballroom 20 in a round of “Happy Birthday” for Sheriff Carter. Just another one of those unique experiences of San Diego’s Comic Con.

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