Everyone Loves ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT – Digg This (oh wait, you can’t) UPDATED – Okay, now you can

     November 13, 2008

UPDATED: Digg has now unbanned us! This is great news for Collider because we’d love to earn the support the Digg community through our updates and exclusives. Thanks to the folks at Digg who supported us and we look forward to submitting great stories to this landmark of the Internet.

Written by Matt Goldberg

We get a lot of exclusives here at Collider and be “we”, I mean Frosty working tirelessly to get every scoop he can get his greasy mitts on.

Today, he landed a big one by getting Jeffrey “George Bluth Sr.” Tambor to say, unequivocally, that an “Arrested Development” movie was happening. Not sometime near in the near future; not talks are ongoing, it’s happening. “Arrested” creator Mitch Hurwitz has made the calls and while there’s no set start date, as Tambor put it, “when the writer/director calls you, it’s a pretty good sign.”

The story is now the second top story on Digg.com right now with over 3500 diggs. This is surprising since Collider can’t submit directly to Digg because they think we’re spam and there’s absolutely nothing we can do to convince them otherwise. Instead, a different site got to use our story, our reporting, and while they did link to us, they basically stole all of our hits. Thankfully, Digg user DesertSquirrel was good enough to identify the submitted story as blog spam and provide a link to our article in the comments section. A special thanks to Mr. Squirrel.

But the culmination of this great day in the site’s history is when opinionated news anchor and “Arrested Development” fan Keith Olbermann mentioned our story and our site on tonight’s broadcast of his show, “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”. Olbermann isn’t just jumping on the bandwagon. He’s been as eager to find out about a movie as the rest of us, as seen from this Special Come On!(You have to be a fan of both Countdown and AD to get the joke) last year where he argues for studios to get off their asses and make this movie happen. Today he included Jeffrey Tambor as one of the World’s Best Persons for confirming the film’s progress. Check out the video below where Keith name drops the site. Yeah, it’s been a good day for us and fellow fans of “Arrested Development”.

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