Federico Alvarez to Direct THE EVIL DEAD Reboot

     July 12, 2011


If you’re Bruce Campbell or Sam Raimi, you must live in constant dread of being asked about the future of The Evil Dead franchise. There hasn’t been a new entry in the series for 19 years (unless you count the hilarious stage musical) and yet the franchise is currently more popular than ever. Today the internet is abuzz because Bruce Campbell tweeted that the long discussed Evil Dead remake will finally be kicking off in the next few months. Sam Raimi is currently in his old stomping grounds of Detroit finding a cast of fresh faces to be possessed and torn to bits. But while Raimi will be supervising the project through his company Ghost House Pictures, his commitment to Oz, The Great And Powerful will keep him out of the director’s chair. However, we’ve recently learned who will be directing the Evil Dead reboot for Raimi and it’s Uruguay-native Federico Alvarez. Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard the name because he hasn’t directed a feature yet. We do have a short film of his for your viewing pleasure though and the guy just might have the talent it takes to make Deadites walk again. Hit the jump for more.

Federico Alvarez might not have been on many horror fans’ radar before Bloody Disgusting’s report today that he will be directing the Evil Dead remake, but he has been making of a name for himself on the festival circuit with some impressive genre-flavored short films. Here’s Alvarez’s 2009 sci-fi short Panic Attack that caught the attention of Hollywood. It’s only 5 minutes long, but it’s an apocalyptic action scene worthy of blockbuster comparisons.

It’s a simple short, but stylish, impressive, and proof that Alvarez has a knack for working with the complicated and low-budgeted digital effects that will inevitably be a part of the Evil Dead remake. This movie could be decent even if it’s disappointing that the long awaited new Evil Dead film will just be the latest classic horror reboot rather than a new original entry in the franchise. While any sort of Evil Dead sequel this far down the line would probably be a disappointment, it is sad to know that Raimi and possibly Campbell won’t be returning to the chainsaw one last time (Drag Me To Hell did prove that Raimi’s still got a knack at generating jump scares and blood-drenched laughs after all). A remake is probably as close as we’re ever going to get to a new Evil Dead movie, so at least it’s nice to know that Raimi will be supervising the production in some way and a talented newcomer has been hired to make his mark with the franchise that put Raimi on the path to becoming on of Hollywood’s biggest directors. Hopefully, this reboot captures a little of the Evil Dead magic even if digital sheen will likely replace the latex and karo syrup joys of the original.


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