Exact Info on the INCREDIBLE HULK DVD/Blu-ray Deleted Scenes

     August 31, 2008

A few days ago, Universal announced “The Incredible Hulk” would be arriving on DVD and Blu-ray on October 21st. While the announcement had plenty of info about featurettes and extras, the press release didn’t provide any clarification about how many deleted scenes would be included.

When I interviewed Director Louis Leterrier for the theatrical release, he mentioned that he wanted to include about 70 minutes of deleted scenes on the Blu-ray/DVD. So when I got the press release, I figured they’d mention how much additional footage fans could look forward to. When I wasn’t provided the info, I went digging.

I have some good and bad news for all of you.

The good is that fans will get almost 44 minutes of deleted scenes! But only if you buy the Blu-ray edition. If you don’t have the HD format yet…the 3rd disc of the 3-disc collection will have 28:47 of deleted scenes. As you can tell, the bad news is if you don’t go Blu-ray, you’ll be missing a lot of extra footage.

Here’s the actual breakdown of what footage is on each edition:

  • On the Hulk bonus disc (part of the 3 disc collection) there are 28:47 minutes of deleted scenes
  • On the standard DVD, there are 13:19 minutes of deleted scenes
  • On the Blu-ray version, there are 43:50 minutes of deleted scenes

With studios desperate to get people to switch to the Blu-ray format (so they will buy the same movies they already own all over again), this is probably the beginning of a trend. If I were a studio head, I’d make sure the HD version always had better extras, as it’s an easy way to get people on board the new format. Of course, not many movies have 70 minutes of deleted scenes in the vault.

While the large majority of consumers have yet to experience Blu-ray and 1080p playback at home, the ones that have know the difference. And as more and more people see what kind of a jump it is from DVD to Blu-ray, I’d imagine the format will keep gaining in popularity. And editions like this, with a lot more footage that fans never had a chance to see in theaters, is definitely going to help the format.

If I find out any more specifics about exactly what the deleted scenes consist of…expect an update. Again, “Incredible Hulk” hits DVD and Blu-ray October 21st.

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