Exclusive: Chris Bridges Video Interview GAMER

     August 31, 2009

Chris_Bridges image.jpg

While Chris Bridges is known the world over as Ludacris, he’s slowly using his real name to transition into Hollywood as he’s appeared in a number of movies like “RocknRolla”, “Max Payne”, “Fred Claus” and the new Neveldine/Taylor movie “Gamer”. If you’ve seen “Crank” and “Crank: High Voltage”, this is their new film. Anyway, Chris promoted “Gamer” at this year’s Comic-Con and now that the movie is about to get released, we’re clear to post it. So watch what he had to say after the jump:

Finally, here’s a link to some clips from “Gamer” and a big thank you to Jonah for doing this interview for me!

Chris Bridges

  • Talks about his character in Gamer
  • What’s his favorite video game
  • If he could Gamer style control one person who would he pick
  • What drew him to the project
  • What’s coming up for him with music
  • What’s coming up acting wise
  • Did he do his own stunts in Gamer

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