Exclusive: Clark Duke and Christopher Mintz-Plasse talk KICK-ASS at Comic-Con

     August 6, 2009

Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Clark Duke KICK ASS comic-con 2009.jpg

For my final interview from this year’s Comic-Con, I’ve got Clark Duke and Christopher Mintz-Plasse talking about their work in director Matthew Vaughn’s “Kick-Ass”. Well, that’s not entirely true, I really should say I try to get them to talk about “Kick-Ass”. But either due to me being friendly with the two of them, or due to backstage at Comic-Con being a very loose environment, this interview goes off the rails more than a few times. But, there is one highlight, about 5 minutes in, Kristen Bell comes over and decides to show her ass to the camera. She’s wearing clothes, but it’s still a very funny sight. She does it without the guys knowing and their reaction is priceless. Again, backstage at Comic-Con is a weird place….take a look after the jump:

Clark Duke and Christopher Mintz-Plasse

  • Kick-Ass talk – watch as I try and get them to talk about the film
  • How did they get attached to the project
  • Starting at around 4:50 look for Kristen Bell’s ass. Seriously.
  • What is the coolest thing they’ve seen at Comic-Con
  • I ask Chris if he remembers that I told him he was going to get laid from playing McLovin in Superbad at that junket
  • We talk about how they are premiering footage at Comic-Con from Kick-Ass
  • Do they think the film is to violent
  • 9:00 or so. Andy Samberg comes by and slaps hands with them.
  • They talk about what else they have been working on
  • Clark talks Hot Tub Time Machine
  • Do they collect anything
  • What will fans take away from Kick-Ass



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