Exclusive: Emile Hirsch talks about TAKING WOODSTOCK and Catherine Hardwicke’s HAMLET

     August 25, 2009

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Opening this week is the new Ang Lee movie “Taking Woodstock”. Once again, Ang shows audiences that no matter the genre or the subject, he can handle the material. In his latest film, Ang is telling a coming of age story set against the actual Woodstock Festival. It’s based on the memoirs of Elliot Tiber, who is played by Demetri Martin in the film.

Anyway, I recently attended the New York City press day for “Taking Woodstock” and after the jump is my interview with Emile Hirsch. In the film, Emile plays a recently returned Vietnam veteran. During the interview Emile talks about how Ang had him prepare for the role, and he also tells me  what’s up with Catherine Hardwicke’s “Hamlet” movie. Watch the interview after the jump:

emile_hirsh_image.jpgBefore getting to the interview, if you’d like to watch some clips from “Taking Woodstock”, click here. And here’s my exclusive interview with Demetri Martin.

So if you’ve been curious what’s up with Catherine Hardwicke’s “Hamlet” movie, here’s what Emile said. Or you can watch the interview below. It’s towards the end.

When I asked him what he had coming up, he told me:

Emile: I’m working on a modern-day younger adaptation of “Hamlet”, in verse, molded to be almost like this supernatural horror movie. Where it’s not a horror-slasher movie, it’s like a suspense-horror. It’s almost like mixing “Hamlet” with “The Shining” a little bit and making this kind of scary/cool vision of the play. But all geared towards–all the cast will be much younger and it’s geared towards a younger audience. Catherine Hardwicke, who did “Twilight” and “Lords of Dogtown”, we’re working on that together right now.

When is it going?

Emile: We’re going to start shooting in October. Hopefully.

Here’s what we talked about and the interview:

Emile Hirsch

  • How did Ang Lee ask him to prepare for the role
  • What movies did he watch to prepare
  • Emile talks about working in different genres
  • Hamlet talk – says it’s going to be a supernatural horror movie. Hamlet mixed with The Shining
  • Says they will start filming in October

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