Exclusive Guillermo del Toro Red Carpet Video Interview

     June 25, 2008

Last night I attended the 34th Annual Saturn Awards here in Los Angeles. While there, I managed to get video interviews with a ton of the winners and presenters, and posted below is the video interview I did with Guillermo del Toro on the red carpet before the show.

In the almost 10 minutes with the brilliant filmmaker, I asked a lot of questions on both The Hobbit and Hellboy 2 and 3. For exactly what we discussed it’s all above each part…but the big highlight is he would like to do Hellboy 3 after he finishes the two Hobbit movies. So in 2012…we might get the 3rd film.

He talks about a lot of other stuff so take a look!

Guillermo del Toro Red Carpet Interview – part 1

  • He starts off explaining he’s spent the last 28 hours mixing Hellboy 2
  • Someone asks if he can bring his style to The Hobbit
  • I ask if he’s had the time to get immersed in The Hobbit – he explains how busy he is
  • He says he’s spending from now till December working on all the projects he was supposed to be working on before he got on The Hobbit
  • Casting talk about The Hobbit
  • Is it weird for him that he can cast anyone
  • I ask how involved could he be in a 3rd Hellboy movie – he says he’d love to do right after The Hobbit – he’d come back to it in 2012

Guillermo del Toro Red Carpet Interview – Part 2

  • I ask about working with Doug Jones – who was standing right next to him
  • He talks a bit about bringing his style creatures into the Hellboy movie
  • I ask if Doug will be in The Hobbit. Guillermo pretty much says he’ll be in it. Doug’s response is classic.
  • I ask about what he said at Comic-Con and if he’ll be there this summer. He says he’ll be in New Zealand.
  • He talks about his movies and which ones are his favorites
  • I ask about writing the Hellboy 2 script
  • Hellboy 2 DVD talk – he says people will think the fighting in the film is on wires, but he says it’s all on trampolines. I ask if he’ll be bringing this method to The Hobbit
  • I ask about budget on The Hobbit

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