Exclusive: Hideo Kojima talks METAL GEAR SOLID Movie

     December 14, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Earlier tonight I was on the red carpet of the Video Game Awards and I landed a bunch of interviews with some cool people. In the next day or so I’ll have all of them online…but since I landed an interview with Hideo Kojima…I figured that’s the one I should post first. For those not familiar with Hideo’s name, he’s the creator of the extremely popular series Metal Gear Solid.

While I’m sure many of you out there would have some great questions for Hideo on the MGS series and why he chose to have certain things happen to the various characters, since I run a movie site…I decided to focus my limited time on the still being developed Metal Gear Solid movie and what’s the status.

While I didn’t get any breaking news, I did find out that Hideo plans to be very involved in the movie and I also asked him if he’s thinking about releasing a new MGS game when the film eventually comes out. We also talked about his celebrity status and I tried to find out what he’s working on now.

If you’re a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series or just of Hideo’s work as a video game developer, I think you’ll love the interview. Look for more red carpet interviews tomorrow.

Hideo Kojima

  • How much does he listen to the fans when creating the Metal Gear Solid game

  • I ask about the status of the Metal Gear Solid movie – says it’s moving slowly

  • How involved will he be on the movie – says he won’t be directing but plans on being VERY involved in the film

  • Is he already thinking about putting out a new Metal Gear Solid game when the movie comes out

  • I ask if it’s nice being in the America where he’s a lot more anonymous

  • How much does he get noticed in Japan

  • And I try to find out what he’s working on now

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