Exclusive: Jason Schwartzman talks SCOTT PILGRIM vs. THE WORLD. Confirms Split Screens and Animation

     November 6, 2009

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One of my big films in 2010 is director Edgar Wright’s “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”.  As the director of “Spaced”, “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz”, Edgar Wright has proven that he’s one of the best directors working today.  While I’d be interested in whatever project he chose to do as his next film, the fact that he’s making the fantastic comic book series by Bryan Lee O’Malley is just awesome.  Anyway, people have been shown footage from “Scott Pilgrim” and the mini-reviews have been crazy.  Director Jason Reitman pretty much lost his mind after seeing 30 minutes.  And I’m beginning to figure out why.

I think the reason people are so excited for the film is Edgar Wright is pushing the boundaries of narrative storytelling.  While every movie has moving cameras and interesting shots, I’ve heard rumors that “Scott Pilgrim” is going to use a lot of split screens and animation to help tell the story.  And after speaking with Jason Schwartzman the other day, I can now confirm it.  While I do not know how many scenes use split screens, I think it’s a big part of the movie. Perhaps it’s all about trying to make comic book frames work on a movie screen. Anyhow, if you’d like to see Jason Schwartzman talk about seeing the first 19 minutes of the movie, working for Edgar and with Michael Cera, and what’s up with “Bored to Death”, hit the jump to see the interview.

Finally, this interview is part of a much larger interview I did with Jason Schwartzman for “Fantastic Mr. Fox”.  Look for what he said about Wes Anderson’s new movie closer to release.

Jason Schwartzman

  • Scott Pilgrim talk. I mention how the movie is going to be a lot bigger than people think.  Jason talks about his love for Edgar Wright and Michael Cera
  • Has he seen any of the movie. Says he saw the first 19 minutes
  • I mention how I’ve heard the movie will have a lot of split screen and animation and he’s throwing a lot of unusual stuff at the screen
  • Jason talks about how you could see on set how it was all going to come together as Edgar had a special effects team on set so you could quickly see what it might look like
  • Bored to Death talk – says they start shooting the next season in March

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