Exclusive Interview with IDIOCRACY’s President Camacho!

     March 3, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Last night I had the good fortune of running into President Camacho at the “Watchmen” premiere. As most of you know, while his Presidency started off as bit slow, thanks to Joe Bauers guidance, he’s popularity is at an all time high. And thanks to people not knowing how to vote, I don’t see his Presidency ending anytime in the near future.

To those who don’t understand what I just wrote…go and rent Mike Judge’s “Idiocracy” as you’re missing out on a great thing.

But being serious for a second, I did ask Terry Crews how many people still call him President and what he has coming up. Take a look.

Terry Crews

  • How many people still call him President
  • Talks about what he has coming up like Terminator Salvation, Game and Middle Men

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