Exclusive Interview: Writer/Director’s Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor GAMER

     September 3, 2009

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If you read Collider, you know how I feel about Neveldine/Taylor’s movies. As the writer-director’s behind “Crank” and “Crank: High Voltage”, I think these two are absolutely pushing the boundaries of mainstream movies and I love it. So it gives me great pleasure to say they have a new movie opening tomorrow called “Gamer”. Like there two previous films, it’s loaded with action and total mayhem. But while “Crank” had Jason Statham as the lead, “Gamer” has Gerard Butler, and it’s his first full on action movie since “300”!

Anyway, to help promote the film, I was able to sit down with Mark and Brian (Neveldine/Taylor) to talk about making “Gamer” and a lot more. During our conversation they revealed Gerard Butler was almost the lead in “Crank”, “Gamer” has 1000 effects shots, they only had $1 million dollars for effects in “Gamer”! They also talked about what’s on the “Gamer” Blu-ray, what they are currently working on, and a lot more. It’s a great interview so take a look!

Finally, for those curios what they’re doing next, Neveldine says they are writing a project that is their “Rush Hour” meets “Lethal Weapon” meets “Crank” movie. He says it’s their most mainstream movie to date and they’ll try and direct it later this year or early next year. Here’s the full interview. As usual, I’ve listed what we talked about above each part.

Neveldine/Taylor Part 1

  • What the fuck happened with Gamer as it sort of disappeared for them to make Crank 2
  • Brian says Gamer has almost 1000 effects shots
  • Post production talk on Gamer
  • They talk about how this young kid came in to do a lot of the effects work
  • 20 different effects houses did work on the film
  • Mark says they only had 1 million dollars to do all the effects
  • Gerard Butler casting and the return to action
  • Mark reveals that Gerard Butler really wanted to be Chev Chelios in Crank and tells how much he did to try and be in that film
  • Is Gamer like Crank 2 or like the first Crank
  • They talk about how they push the boundaries of a “mall movie”

Neveldine/Taylor Part 2

  • Gamer is 95 minutes – what can fans expect on the DVD/Blu-ray
  • Brian says there aren’t really deleted scenes but there are extended scenes
  • Crank 2 Blu-ray talk – some crazy shit is on the Blu-ray. Brian talks about a mistake that you can see on the Blu-ray
  • What is coming up…they say they are writing 2 projects. Mark Neveldine says they are writing a project that is their Rush Hour meets Lethal Weapon meets Crank movie. Says it is their most mainstream movie to date…says they will try and direct it later this year or early next year
  • Classic video games in Gamer. Was it easy to get them into the movie

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