Exclusive: John Slattery talks MAD MEN Season Three and Playing Howard Stark in IRON MAN 2

     August 6, 2009

John Slattery Mad Men season three premiere.jpg

The other night, at the Director’s Guild in Hollywood, AMC held a premiere party for their hit shows “Mad Men”, whose third season launches August 16th. In attendance were the entire cast, series creator Matthew Weiner, and tons of celebrity fans.

As a huge fan of the show, I asked to cover the event and while some red carpets are a crap shoot, this one turned out great as I got to speak with everyone. So the first interview I’m posting is with John Slattery and it’s the one all you comic book fans will care about. The reason? In “Iron Man 2”, John plays Howard Stark!

While he was quite guarded with his answers, I think I was probably the only one to ask him about working on “Iron Man 2”. I even wore my Stark Expo ’74 t-shirt that I got at Comic-Con to see what kind of reaction it would get. Watch the interview after the jump:

Finally, since “Mad Men” doesn’t start for another week, I’ll be posting the rest of the interviews slowly over the next week or so. Make sure to check back.

John Slattery

  • Was he nervous during season one that he wouldn’t be back for season two
  • What has the success of the show been like for him
  • I show him my Stark Expo ’74 shirt that I wore…
  • I ask him about playing Howard Stark in Iron Man 2. He says his part is very brief
  • I try and put him on the spot by saying “energy”.
  • He says they’re filming episode 9 of Mad Men right now
  • I ask if he knows how the season will end