Exclusive: Kristen Bell talks ASTRO BOY, Comic-Con, and Explains Why Koala Bears are Drug Addicts

     October 20, 2009


Since I recently interviewed Kristen Bell for “Couples Retreat”, when I walked in to talk with her about “Astro Boy”, I didn’t know what to expect. Would she remember talking to me two weeks ago? I also wondered if I could incorporate just speaking with her into this new interview. Thankfully, she remembered me and was cool talking about anything…including explaining that she just learned Koala Bears are drug addicts!

Of course the reason I got to speak with her was Summit Entertainment’s new animated movie “Astro Boy”.  The film hits theaters this weekend and it’s based on the legendary manga character created by Osamu Tezuka about a young robot with incredible powers. In the film, Kristen voices one of Astro’s friends.  Anyway, during the interview she talked about what her last two weeks have been like, Comic-Con, I ask if she thinks any of the kids watching will think Gossip Girl is in “Astro Boy”, and a lot more.  Watch it after the jump:

Finally, for more on “Astro Boy”, here’s a link to 11 clips from the movie and the synopsis.

Kristen Bell

  • How has the last two weeks been
  • She explains that Koala Bears are drug addicts
  • I ask if she thinks some kid might watch Astro Boy and say I didn’t know Gossip Girl would be in the movie
  • Have people asked her to record answering machine messages
  • What was Comic-Con like for her this year
  • How did she get involved with Astro Boy

Astro Boy movie poster.jpg

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