Exclusive On Set Video Interviews with the Cast of FAME – Paul Iacono, Kay Panabaker, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Naturi Naughton, Asher Book and Collins Pennie

     September 23, 2009

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When director Kevin Tancharoen’s reboot/reimagining/update of “Fame” was filming in Los Angeles last year, I was invited to the set to watch some filming and interview most of the cast. While Collider gets invited to a lot of set visits, this one was special because I was allowed to do all my interviews on camera. What that means is, instead of reading a transcript and listening to the audio, you can get to watch how excited everyone was to be making “Fame”. So if you’d like to see Paul Iacono, Kay Panabaker, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Naturi Naughton, Asher Book and Collins Pennie on set talking about making “Fame” and a lot more, hit the jump. Remember, “Fame” hits theaters this weekend.

As I always do, I’ve listed what we talked about above each interview. As you might imagine, they all talk about how they got cast, recoding the music (if they sang), what being in the movie meant to them, what they did off set, how did they all bond and get ready for the filming, working for Kevin Tancharoen, and a lot of individual questions.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone from the cast who spoke to me on set and gave me so much time. I had a great time watching filming and if the final film turns out anything like the energy on set, I think this will be a great beginning for a lot of this cast.

Oh, here’s a link to 8 clips from “Fame”. You might want to watch some of the clips before watching the interviews.

Anna Maria Perez de Tagle

  • Plays the aspiring actress
  • What was the casting process like
  • How did she prepare for the audition
  • What was it like recording the music
  • Working with Kevin Tancharoen
  • Working with the original cast
  • She talks about the story of Fame
  • Does she have a favorite song

Kay Panabaker

  • Talks about who she is and what character she plays
  • The audition process
  • Recording the music and what is her favorite song
  • Filming in New York
  • Working with Kevin Tancharoen
  • What from the original film is in the new one
  • Does she have a favorite look in the film
  • Is she part of the Glendale group – what is the cast doing when they are off set

Naturi Naughton, Asher Book and Collins Pennie

  • Who do they play in the movie
  • Casting talk – how did they get the part
  • They talk about their characters journey in the film
  • Filming in New York
  • Do they have a favorite song
  • Recording the music and how involved was Kevin Tancharoen
  • Improv in the movie
  • The rehearsal process
  • Living in Glendale while filming and what has it been like off set
  • What did they do before filming to bond

Paul Iacono

  • Paul talks about his character
  • He talks about his character’s journey in the film
  • He plays the filmmaker in the film. Did he film anything for the movie
  • Casting process – what was his journey getting to the movie
  • He went to the real Fame school. Is the movie similar to real life
  • Filming in New York
  • What being in the movie means to him
  • When he went to the real Fame school, did he ever watch the original movie
  • Improv process on a film with so much music and dance

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