Exclusive: ‘Ploey’ Trailer Reveals the Animated Animal Adventure Coming to DirecTV

     March 26, 2019

ploey-trailerWe’ve got an exclusive look at a new trailer for the animated adventure story Ploey to share with you today, courtesy of DirecTV and Viva Pictures. Originally an Icelandic production from director Árni Ásgeirsson and writer Friðrik Erlingsson for a co-production between GunHil‘s animation wing and Belgium-based studio CybornPloey will soon take flight in the U.S. In addition to the new English-language trailer, we also have a new cast listing for the voice actors who will be taking audiences through this kid-friendly, PG-rated adventure.

When he gets separated from his family, Ploey, a young flightless plover chick, must undertake a dangerous journey to a legendary valley in order to save his loved ones from falling prey to an evil falcon. All of that and more is teased in the new trailer!

Featuring the voices of John Stamos, Sean Astin and Jerry Garcia, Ploey swoops onto DirecTV starting March 28th and heads into theaters on April 26th.

Check out our exclusive reveal of the new Ploey trailer below:

Available Exclusively on DIRECTV March 28th.

Here’s the official synopsis for Ploey, followed by new images and the film’s poster:

In order to survive the cruel winter months, Ploey, a young flightless plover chick must take on a dangerous journey to find a legendary valley located in the heart of the highlands. While on his journey, he needs to stay hidden from the ever-watchful eyes of a ravenous falcon who has been terrorizing his family and friends for years. He realizes that the only way to save his loved ones is learning to fly and become the plover his father taught him to be.


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