Exclusive: Producer Joel Silver talks Shane Black, Wachowski Brothers, SGT. ROCK, DIRTY DOZEN, THE LOSERS and GREYSKULL

     July 19, 2009


Anytime you sit down with producer Joel Silver you’re going to learn about a lot of upcoming films. That’s because as the producer of over 90 movies, the guys is always making them and he has his hand in many projects fandom cares about. So when I got the chance to speak with him at yesterday’s “Orphan” junket, towards the end of the interview I asked about many of his upcoming projects.

After the jump you can either read or watch Joel talk about what’s up with Shane Black, The Wachowski Brothers, “Sgt. Rock”, “The Dirty Dozen” and “Greyskull”.

Since many of you like watching video interviews and others like reading transcripts, I’m offering what Joel said both ways. Up first is the video of Joel talking future projects and further down is the transcript.

The big news for Wachowski fans is he says “Plastic Man” is just a rumor. He goes on to say he doesn’t know what they’re doing next. He also explains what happened to “Dirty Dozen”, “Sgt. Rock” and what’s up with Shane Black. Finally, look for what Joel and Susan Downey said about “Orphan” in the coming days.

Collider: Shane Black-what’s going on?  Is there another project on the horizon?

Joel Silver: He’s working for us on a project called “The Nice Guys” which is kind of the next version of what “Kiss Kiss [Bang Bang]” was; a more advanced version.  We love Shane very much and “Kiss Kiss” didn’t really do what we wanted it to do but it did help in that it’s the movie that Jon Favreau told was the movie that convinced him that Robert could in fact do “Iron Man” so it had a great effect on all our lives.  But I love Shane and I promise it will happen soon.

One of my favorite films of last year was “Speed Racer”.

Joel Silver: I feel sorry for you. [laughs] I’m kidding.

I love that film and I have to ask you because I can never talk to Larry and Andy [Wachowski], is “Plastic Man” really happening?  Is that a rumor?

Joel Silver: I think it’s a rumor.  I don’t know what they’re going to do.  We had “Ninja Assassin” which we did together which is really, really strong.  Really, really good.  I mean it’s a complete, full-on martial arts movie which is really a hard-edged, fun picture. I don’t know what they’re going to do next.  Look, “Speed Racer” kind of made us all crazy-

It’s fantastic.

Joel Silver: We thought it was going to be a big, Earth-shattering picture and it was Earth-shattering but the other way.  I don’t know.  It’s disturbing, actually.  But, you know, I liked it too.

I love it.  I know we have to wrap up but I have to ask the two of you: “Dirty Dozen”, “Sgt. Rock”-what’s the status?

Joel: We were very committed to making “Dirty Dozen” for a while.  We were close…We essentially shifted gears to “The Losers” which is why-we start shooting the movie on Thursday in Pureto Rico, it’s a famous DC comic, and it’s a similar idea to “Dirty Dozen”; it’s a more contemporary story but I hope one day to do “Dirty Dozen”.  I hope one day to do “Sgt. Rock”.  We were getting close on that and then Quentin [Tarantino] went off and did “Inglourious Basterds” so I mean we kind of put it aside but they’re properties that we own and we hope to make them someday.

Okay, one more question-“Greyskull”-what’s going on?

Joel: We’re developing it.  We have a good idea for the script and if it works, we’ll make it.

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