Exclusive Red Carpet Video Interviews with the makers of FAMILY GUY

     November 18, 2007

First of all I need to give a big apology to not only the readers of Collider, but to the people who invited me to this event. I attended the 100th episode party for “Family Guy” two weeks ago, but hadn’t had a chance to post the video interviews from the red carpet until now. There are many reasons why it didn’t get done…but rather than list them… let’s move on…

Anyway, I got to interview the people who make “Family Guy” because Fox was throwing a big party at a club in Hollywood to celebrate getting to 100 episodes. In attendance were all the people who work on the show, the writers, the executives, the people who do the voices, and tons of other people.

After I did the interviews on the red carpet I got to attend the party, and the best part of the night? I witnessed Seth McFarlane singing on stage with a full band. And make no mistake…Seth had been drinking. A lot. Andbetween every song he kept saying to everyone in attendence “to get a drink.” Overall the night was a lot of fun and it was cool to see everyone on the show having a great time and letting loose.

So now the reason you’re here… those video interviews.

On the red carpet I got to interview Seth McFarlane (the creator and someone who does a ton of the voices) Mila Kunis (Meg), Seth Green (Chris) and Mike Henry (Cleveland, Herbert). And since I had just heard about a supposed Empire Strikes Back Family Guy episode… I made sure to ask about it and I got some great answers.

Posted below are the interviews with Seth Greenand Mike Henry, you can click here to watch the interviews with Seth McFarlane and Mila Kunis.

If you’re a fan of the show you’ll definitely like these interviews. And like I always do…I listed what we talked about above each interview.

Finally, these interviews were done in conjunction with IESB, as Robert Sanchez held the camera while I asked the questions. We were each going to do our own interviews, but since we were placed next to each other… we figured why not work together. And now…those interviews…

Seth Green

  • I ask about how Family Guy incorporated the Robot Chicken Star Wars reference…
  • What does he does with the figures from Robot Chicken
  • He talks 3rd season of Robot Chicken
  • Empire Strikes Back Family Guy talk
  • Can he believe Family Guy made it to 100?
  • I ask if he has a part in Love Guru…he says no.
  • He talks about other projects he’s working on. Says he just did an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and more.
  • Family Guy feature film?
  • He talks about doing the movie Old Dogs with Robin Williams and John Travolta
  • He talks about what he collects.
  • Comic-Con talk.
  • He talks about future episodes of Family Guy
  • And he reminisces about Radio Days.

Mike Henry – he does the voices of Cleveland and Herbert

  • Talks about what characters he does on the Star Wars specials and does some great impressions.
  • Darth Vader’s maid?
  • Working with Seth McFarlane
  • I ask if he has a favorite episode that hasn’t aired yet
  • And then he gives his email to anyone who wants it! You’ll have to watch the interview to get it.

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