Exclusive: Stan Lee Talks About His Cameo in IRON MAN 2

     October 17, 2009

Stan Lee Scream Awards 2009.jpg

Earlier tonight I was on the red carpet for Spike TV’s 2009 Scream Awards. While there I was able to interview a number of people and the one you’re about to watch is with Stan Lee. While we broke the news months ago about Stan Lee’s cameo, if you missed our story or you’re trying to stay spoiler free…DO NOT watch this interview! That’s because right at the beginning Stan Lee talks about who he plays in the film. Also, he says he’s already met with director Kenneth Branagh about his “Thor” cameo, but he doesn’t know what the cameo will be.

But if you don’t mind learning who Stan Lee plays in “Iron Man 2”, hit the jump and watch him discuss the role.

Before watching the interview…know I didn’t have a camera person helping me tonight. Please forgive the bad framing.

Stan Lee

  • Talks about playing Larry King in Iron Man 2
  • Talks about wearing the suspenders and the heavy glasses
  • How far in advance do they ask him about his cameos
  • Talks about why he doesn’t do cameos if they are filming far away
  • Thor movie joke…
  • Says he has already been approached about his cameo in Thor. Says he doesn’t yet know what his cameo will be
  • Comic-Con talk

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