Exclusive Video Interview with Cloverfield Director Matt Reeves

     June 25, 2008

Last night I attended the 34th Annual Saturn Awards here in Los Angeles. While there, I managed to get video interviews with a ton of the winners and presenters, and posted below is the video interview I did with “Cloverfield” director Matt Reeves.

While talk of a sequel has been all over cyberspace since the movie first came out, based on what he said last night…I think it’s safe to assume it isn’t happening. Of course, he did say if they came up with a great idea he’d do it, but he’s moving forward with his next project “The Invisible Woman,” so I think “Cloverfield 2” will be left alone. And I think it’s for the best.

While I really dug “Cloverfield,” sometimes less is more.

And with that…here’s what Matt Reeves had to say on the sequel and his next movie.

Matt Reeves Video Interview Saturn’s 2008

  • Is Cloverfield 2 really dead in the water – he says it’s on hold – ultimately it’s about finding a good idea to make it worthwhile

  • I ask what he’s working on now – he says The Invisible Woman. He talks about what the film is about. He calls it a Hitchcockian thriller.

  • More Cloverfield talk

  • Back to Invisible Woman. He talks more about what it’s about

  • I ask about casting and he says in the next month or so we’ll find out info.

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