Exclusive Video Interviews with Edi Gathegi, Rachelle Lefevre, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz – NEW MOON

     January 29, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Earlier tonight I was on the red carpet for the premiere of Summit Entertainment’s upcoming action sci-fi thriller “Push”. In case you haven’t heard of the film yet…click here to read the synopsis and watch some clips. And to those wondering if “Push” is any good…I’ve heard nothing but good things from the people that saw the press screening.

Anyhow, while on the red carpet tonight I managed to interview a number of people. And even though I’d love to post all of them tonight…I knew what the most important interviews were and it’s with the cast of “Twilight”.

As most of you know, the second book in the series is called “New Moon” and it’s scheduled for release this November. But what might surprise all of you is…they haven’t started filming yet! Yup, Summit Entertainment is walking the difficult path of trying to make a movie with a lot of special effects and release it in the same year with little time for post production. While this is definitely going to be a challenge, it can be done. It’s called overtime. And with the money they made off “Twilight”, I think they can afford it.

But let’s get back to why you’re here.

As I said, I interviewed a few of the cast tonight and they all spoke about “New Moon”. I asked them if they’d read the script, when they were shooting the movie, where they were shooting, what were they looking forward to film, what has this experience been like and a lot more.

Trust me, if you’re a fan of “Twilight” you’ll really love these interviews as it gives you an update as to where each of them are right now and what’s on the horizon.

So enough of my words…watch the interviews! And at the very bottom of this article are some links to our previous “Twilight” coverage from the press junket of the first film.

Edi Gathegi – Laurent

· We talk about how another Twilight movie is coming out this year and they haven’t started filming yet

· When does he start filming and where

· He talks about how he isn’t going to Italy but he wants to

· Has he read the script yet

· What preparation is he going to do to get ready for filming

· I admit to not reading the books…it gets a reaction…he tells me what my experience would be if I read them

· Is there one particular scene he’s looking forward to shooting from the 2nd book

· We talk about the mall tour

Rachelle Lefevre – Victoria

· What was the mall tour like

· What was her favorite place she went to while promoting the movie

· When does she start filming New Moon

· She hasn’t seen the script yet

· What is she most looking forward to in the second movie

· Can she believe she’s about to film another Twilight movie this year and they haven’t started filming yet

· Edi Gathegi shows up

· I ask what is something about each other that would surprise fans

· They admit to being sugar junkies

· Are either of them going to Italy for filming

· Rachelle talks about Florence and their gelato

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz – Alice and Emmett Cullen

· Were they prepared for what happened with Twilight

· What did they both do on opening night

· Have they seen the script for New Moon

· How did they read the script…was it a guarded experience

· Who is filming in Vancouver and Italy

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