Exclusive Video Interviews with Neil Patrick Harris, Odette Yustman and Tony Hawk

     December 17, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

The other day I attended the Video Game Awards and I managed to get a few interviews on the red carpet. While I already posted my interview with Hideo Kojima, the creator of “Metal Gear Solid”, I’ve got a few more and they’re below.

Even though all three of the interviews came out great…I figured Neil Patrick Harris deserved to be first as I’ve just gotten into “How I Met Your Mother” and he’s great on the show.

The next one is with Odette Yustman and if you’re not familiar with her name, she was one of the leads in “Cloverfield” and she’s the star of David Goyer’s new movie “The Unborn”. She also looks a lot like Megan Fox. Trust me, Odette’s going to be someone in the limelight very soon….

And finally I landed an interview with the great skateboarder and video game maker Tony Hawk. If you’re a fan of his series, he talks about what’s coming next year and it sounds very cool.

As I always do, I listed what we talked about above each interview.

Neil Patrick Harris

  • We talk about the bet he made with Jason Segal – they bet over which movie would do better Harold and Kumar 2 or Forgetting Sarah Marshall – click here to watch original interview
  • We talk about his desire to be in The Muppet movie
  • How I Met Your Mother talk
  • What is he going to do during the hiatus

Odette Yustman

  • Video game talk – she name drops a few good ones
  • What is she doing at the show
  • What was the best part and the worst part of the press day
  • What was the hardest challenge of making The Unborn

Tony Hawk

  • How challenging is it to keep his game interesting and making it so people want to keep buying it
  • Says his new game will be available on all systems next year
  • I ask how involved he is on a daily basis with making the game
  • What else is he working on now

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