Exclusive: Zack Snyder says SUCKER PUNCH is his Next Movie!

     February 20, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

As most of you know, director Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen” arrives in theaters and IMAX on March 6th. So to help promote the movie, for the last 3 days the cast and the filmmakers have been doing non-stop interviews here in Los Angeles. Perhaps you remember my DVD story from 2 days ago where Zack told me the director’s cut will be 3 hours and 10 minutes!

Anyway, just a few hours ago I spoke to Zack again and since we’ve already talked so much about “Watchmen”, I decided to ask him about what he might be doing next.

Thankfully, Zack was more than happy to talk and he said he’s definitely doing “Sucker Punch” next. He also told me he’s going to start filming this fall with a goal of releasing it in March of 2011. Also, he said it’s an action movie with an all girl cast and it’s definitely rated R! If you’re a fan of Zack’s, this is very cool news.

So rather than have me sum up the rest of what he said, he’s 2 minutes of Zack talking “Sucker Punch”.

Finally, there is a lot more to this interview and I’ll have the rest online on Monday.

Zack Snyder

· Sucker Punch – Says he is doing this next. He wrote it. Says it is as crazy as anything he has ever done.

· He tells us what it is about

· It’s an all girl cast

· Takes place in the late 60’s and it’s about a girl that’s been committed to an insane asylum and she fantasizes that she can escape and she has these crazy adventures in her mind where she goes into the past and into the future. Says he really wanted to make an action movie and this is it

· Definitely rated R

· Says filming will begin this fall and he hopes to release it in March of 2011

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