Exclusive: Zack Snyder talks Future Projects and WATCHMEN

     February 24, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Last Friday I got to speak with “Watchmen” director Zack Snyder. Since I’d spoken with him a number of times about “Watchmen” and asked tons of questions on the making of the movie, I decided to focus my one on one interview on some of the other projects he has in development.

Before I walked into the interview, I looked at Zack’s IMDB profile and realized he was attached to seven things that were in various stages of development. In case you’re wondering, the seven movies are “Army of the Dead”, “The Last Photograph”, “Heavy Metal”, “The Illustrated Man”, “300 prequel/sequel”, and “Guardians of GaHoole”.

Before the interview began, I asked Zack if he would mind talking about these projects and he said he was game for anything and couldn’t have been nicer. Seriously, Zack is one of those directors that’s not only great at his craft, but a super-cool individual. Trust me, this is not always the case with filmmakers.

So if you’re like me and a big fan of Zack Snyder, you will love this interview as he gives updates on everything he’s attached to.

And for fans of “Watchmen”, in part two of the interview we talk about the possibility of releasing the director’s cut in digital IMAX. I also asked him if he would ever release a version of “Watchmen” that would feature the Under the Hood stuff mixed into the actual movie.

Again, a big thank you to Zack Snyder for giving me so much of his time and being so cool, and to everyone at WB who made this interview happen.

Zack Snyder part 1

· Even though we are under embargo…I got to tell Zack on camera that I think Watchmen fans are going to love this movie!

· Since I’ve already run a lot of Watchmen news, I ask Zack to give us updates on all the various projects he has in development

· The Last Photograph update

· Army of the Dead update

· Heavy Metal update

· Since he is in the rare position of being able to pick any project and get it made, I ask if it’s tough to pick the next project he wants to make from such a good list of material

· Sucker Punch talk – this is going to be his next project!

· The Illustrated Man update

· Guardians of GaHoole update

· 300 prequel/sequel talk

Zack Snyder part 2

· We talk about the possibility of showing the director’s cut of Watchmen in digital IMAX

· I ask what was the hardest challenge to overcome while making Watchmen – spoiler warning – how to do the ending

· I ask if there would ever be a version of Watchmen that could feature the Under the Hood stuff that was shot for the bonus DVD mixed into the actual movie

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