Extra! Laura Dern Is a FOCKER, Mike Mitchell Enlists in MONSTER SQUAD, Screen Gems Hires THE BLACK PHANTOM, and Scott Derrickson Is Among THE LIVING

     October 19, 2009


Here at Collider, we’re all killer, no filler.  Okay, sometimes a little filler.  Filler’s good for you.  Makes you grow up big and strong and slightly overweight.  But rather than throw up four stories, we’re going to give them to you for the price of one.  We’re generous like that.

Hit the jump to read about Laura Dern joining “Little Fockers”, “Shrek Forever After” director Mike Mitchell making “Monster Squad” his next project, Screen Gems developing the comedy, “The Black Phantom”, and Scott Derrickson coming on board to direct “The Living”.


Since there’s no shame in working crummy jobs in this economy, actress Laura Dern has joined the cast for the upcoming “Meet the Parents” sequel, “Little Fockers”.  Original cast members Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Blythe Danner, Teri Polo, and Owen Wilson are returning with Jessica Alba signing on to the film a few weeks ago.  Dern would play the headmistress of the elementary school the Fockers’ kids attend.  I bet those Focker kids are little hell-raisers!  Man, kids can be like that some times and it is just ripe for some groundbreaking comedy.

Everyone working on this project: I totally understand.  This is a sure-fire hit and the economy sucks.  Do what you gotta do.


SHREK FOREVER AFTER Director Mike Mitchell Signs on to Direct MONSTER SQUAD

Director Mike Mitchell, who is currently in postproduction on “Shrek Forever After”, has signed on to direct “Monster Squad”, a supernatural action comedy for Warner Bros.  Mitchell previously directed “Sky High” (yes!) and “Surviving Christmas” (no!).  WB picked up the spec from Brian Lynch nine years ago and has gone through a small army of writers who were unable to meet Warners’ requirement of finding a balance between laughs and chills.

Originally called, “Nightcrawlers”, the film is now called “Monster Squad” although it is unknown whether or not this change was made to avoid confusion with the game Frank and Charlie used to play.  As for the plotline, WB is keeping is secret on the logline for Brad Copeland’s script but it’s supposed to be a “high-concept, big-budget, supernatural fantasy” and all those words sound so exciting!  Warners wants to begin shooting in late summer 2010.


Screen Gems Acquires THE BLACK PHANTOM

Screen Gems has acquired the spec comedy, “The Black Phantom” by first-time screenwriters Dave Lease and Megan Hinds with Doug Aarniokoski attached to make his directing debut.  Aarniokoski served as the second unit director on Screen Gems’ upcoming action flick, “Takers” so…yeah.

“The Black Phantom” is about a double-crossed white mob hitman who turns to an unlikely source: The Black Phantom, a black hitman who was hired to kill him.  See, it’s funny because one of the hitmen is white while the other one is black and that means they come from different cultural backgrounds.


Scott Derrickson to Direct THE LIVING

Scott Derrickson, who directed the awful remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, has been hired by Lakeshore Entertainment to direct the supernatural suspense thriller, “The Living”.  Derrickson also directed “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” for Lakeshore and is currently attached to direct a remake of the Danish thriller, “The Substitute”.

The logline for “The Living” is being kept under wraps so since they’re offering me nothing to mock, I’ll just link to my review of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.



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