‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ Trailer Has Michael Moore Continuing to Be a Parody of Liberalism

     August 9, 2018


Earlier today, the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival announced it would premiere Michael Moore’s new documentary, Fahrenheit 11/9, a title that references Moore’s previous movie, Fahrenheit 9/11, which went right up to the line of 9/11 trutherism as it tried to connect the Bush family to the Saudis. Now he’s back with a new documentary that looks ridiculously unfocused and just as irritating.

Watch the trailer for Fahrenheit 11/9 and tell me what this movie is about. It seems to be a gathering of inchoate rage and aggressive fearmongering without any singular point. It’s like Moore gathered up every liberal cause of the last 18 months and just threw them all together in a blender. What do Parkland survivors have to do with the Flint water crisis? The Flint water crisis started back during the Obama presidency, so why is it tied into Trump’s election (the 11/9 of the title)?

What’s most frustrating about Moore is that I agree with him politically. We technically have the same values when it comes to how America should be run and agree on the forces working against its betterment. But holy hell has his filmmaking gone down the tubes, and Fahrenheit 11/9 does not look like a recovery. It just looks like a splattering of liberal outrage without any organizing principle beyond “Trump is bad,” which, yeah, but do better than that. Dunking on Trump is the easiest thing right now, and it doesn’t really take any investigation or research to point out that he’s making America worse.

Check out the Fahrenheit 11/9 trailer below. The film opens September 21st to an audience that will already agree with everything that it’s saying.

Here’s the TIFF synopsis for Fahrenheit 11/9:

Palme d’Or–winning documentarian Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 9/11) turns his attention to another significant date, examining the legacy of Trump’s ascension to the US presidency on November 9, 2016.

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