‘Family Guy’ and ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Reruns Heading to FXX and Freeform

     April 9, 2019


Corporate synergy between Disney and the recently acquired 20th Century Fox is already having an effect on the television side of things. FX Networks—which is now owned by Disney—recently picked up off-network rights to the Fox animated comedies Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers, and the off-network rights to Bob’s Burgers will be shared between FXX and the Disney-owned Freeform.

The deal only encompasses newer seasons of both shows, as Turner Broadcasting Network’s TBS and Adult Swim still hold the off-network rights to reruns of earlier seasons of Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers. However, Deadline’s report notes that once Turner’s deal for the older seasons of both shows expires, they’ll head to FX Networks.

FXX will offer repeat episodes of Family Guy starting with Seasons 16 and 17. They’ll add a new season each year until 2021, when FXX will become the exclusive cable network home of reruns of all episodes of Family Guy ever made. Bob’s Burgers’s entire library will come to FXX a couple years later.

Family Guy joins the FXX lineup on April 16th and will air three days a week, running alongside The Simpsons on Sunday. But while FXX’s deal with The Simpsons included streaming rights, the online aspects of this deal for Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers are expected to be limited, as streaming rights remain at Hulu for now.

New episodes of Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers will continue to air on Fox, and this is no doubt a lucrative deal for FX Networks as both shows are expected to continue airing for many years to come.


Image via Fox