Trailer for FAMILY GUY: IT’S A TRAP!, the Show’s Final Parody of the STAR WARS Trilogy – UPDATED

     November 18, 2010


Seth MacFarlane has expressed his frustration of using up Blue Harvest as the title for the first Family Guy parody of Star Wars, but using one of the more infamous lines of dialogue which has since turned into an internet meme isn’t a bad back-up. Enter the trailer for It’s a Trap, the final installment in Family Guy’s parodies of the Star Wars Trilogy which takes aim at Return of the Jedi. While jokes are certainly abound in these meticulously crafted episodes that both mock and pay tribute to the Holy Trilogy, you won’t find many of them in this trailer. But that’s because this final trailer follows in the footsteps of the previous trailers in that it’s actually a near shot-for-shot remake of the original theatrical trailer for Return of the Jedi.  Check out the full trailer after the jump.

[Update: We saw that there’s another trailer out on Youtube, now included after the jump.]

Of course, there are a couple laughs to be had, especially in seeing Meg’s turn as the Sarlaac in the Great Pit of Carkoon (yes, I’m a Star Wars nerd). However, I’m a bit disappointed that characters from The Cleveland Show and American Dad have shown up though all the characters exist in the same universe themselves. I guess they just ran out of regular Family Guy characters to fill up the Star Wars universe.

It’s a Trap will hit store shelves on December 21st well before it airs on Fox in a likely more tame and edited version. Here’s the trailer courtesy of The Live Feed:

Here’s a different trailer, where the jokes aren’t quite so subtle:

For comparison, the original Return of the Jedi trailer: