A Hurricane Will Hit Fox Next Year to Link FAMILY GUY, THE CLEVELAND SHOW and AMERICAN DAD for Sweeps

     October 4, 2010


Seth MacFarlane has crossed over certain characters from all three of his series, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and American Dad, into one another for quick laughs. But next year, one single storyline will unify all the series for one night during May sweeps. TV Guide reports a hurricane will hit all three of the families’ homes in each of their respective series and they each deal with it in their own special way. Hit the jump for details on the episodes to air next year.
On The Cleveland Show, executive producer Mike Henry (who also voices Cleveland Brown and several other characters) says, “The hurricane comes at a very inopportune time for the Browns because they’re about to go on a cruise. They decide to have a cruise in the house, but that doesn’t turn out to be so much fun.” Then on Family Guy, executive producer Steve Callaghan says, “Cabin fever escalates and Brian decides to use the time to take mushrooms. Stewie has to be his coach and walk him through his trip. You’ll see images unlike anything you’ve ever seen on our show.” Then American Dad rounds out the night as executive producer Mike Barker says, “We have the burden of going last, so we end up flooding the house and turning it upside down. Basically, we’re doing The Poseidon Adventure — with a shark loose in the house.” And for fans who are interested in seeing all the animated families together for the first time, the Smith house drifts in the flood and carries it to the vicinity of the Griffin and Brown homes.