FAMILY GUY Volume 8 DVD Review

     July 6, 2010


The show that was originally cancelled after its third season has just released its 8th DVD set.  Family Guy has clearly moved on from its original demise and solidified its place in pop culture as it currently makes its way into its 9th season.  By now, if you aren’t familiar with the Griffin Family and their loveable political incorrectness, then you probably don’t understand half of the things your friends are saying in conversations around you.  Run out now, buy the first seven volumes on DVD, lock yourself in your room for a few days, catch up with the rest of the world, then hit the jump to find out if you should check out Family Guy – Volume 8:

The Griffins are back.  And with the beauty of no censors or the FCC to spoil the fun on DVD, they’re allowed to be even more vulgar than normal.  There’s something incredibly natural about little baby Stewie being able to cuss without a giant bleep to take away from his over-the-top exclamations. This loveable cartoon family just seems to be at their best when they’re completely offensive.  They’ll leave you saying, “That’s so wrong” while you’re fighting off a fit of laughter. It’s the kind of show where you can’t be picky or choosy about what offends you. You either need to be completely offended by everything or absolutely offended by nothing.  You need to be able to laugh at everything because nothing is off limits.


As with any show that has been on for as long as Family Guy has, sometimes the jokes seem stale, corny, or fall short of being funny.  And, obviously, the shock value is really no longer a factor. However, for the true Family Guy devotee, it’s just as entertaining as it always has been. This volume contains the last seven episodes from the 7th season and the first eight episodes from the 8th season. As I mentioned, some of the more entertaining episodes are the ones that shoot to offend.  “Family Goy” plays off of religious stereotypes as Lois discovers that she is half-Jewish: “Oh my god, so Grandma Hebrewberg was Jewish?” Peter makes the decision to convert the entire family to Judaism (which includes wearing fake chest hair and a Star of David chain around his neck) until he is visited by the ghost of his father who convinces him that he will go straight to Hell if he is not Catholic.   The final episode of the set, “Dog Gone” sees the Griffin’s hiring a Mexican maid to help clean up around the house, yellow rubber gloves and all.  She then proceeds to drive the family crazy with her stereotypical antics, including listening to repetitive Mariachi music while cleaning and stealing perfectly functioning household objects by claiming they’re broken: “This trash? No. It’s okay. I take home.”

The most all-around enjoyable episode is the one the DVD seems to be centered on, “Road to the Multiverse”. It was the premiere episode of season eight and features Brian and Stewie on a hilarious road trip, a style of episode that has become a staple of every season of Family Guy.  This particular road trip is especially entertaining because it features the duo as they travel through all kinds of alternate universes to see what their lives would be like.  Highlights include the incredibly flawless universe where “everything is drawn by Disney” and the dimension that pokes fun at cast member, Seth Green’s very own Cartoon Network show, Robot Chicken: “How’s it feel to be on a major network for 30 seconds?” The attention to detail that went into this episode practically goes unnoticed as it speeds by just a little too fast.


Luckily, on this DVD set there is an entertaining featurette that takes you behind the scenes of the production of this particular episode.  It allows you to truly appreciate just how much work goes into bringing The Griffins into your household every week.  Also included in the set is the full script from “Road to the Multiverse”, karaoke of some of the more popular Family Guy musical numbers, as well as hilarious commentary on certain episodes from series creator Seth MacFarlane, writers, directors, and cast members.

Bottom line: Although this particular volume of Family Guy may not necessarily be as brilliant as preceding volumes, certain episodes make up for the ones that are lacking.  It is a must-have for any true fan and if you’ve made it through seven volumes already, you should definitely consider yourself a true fan.

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