FANBOYS – 4 Movie Clips and Behind the Scenes Footage

     February 1, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

I know you think I’m joking. There is no way the Weinstein Company is actually releasing “Fanboys” in movie theaters.

But they are.

This Friday.

In a limited number of cities (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Austin), you’ll finally be able to see director Kyle Newman’s long awaited “Star Wars” inspired movie. And if it does well in it’s limited release, the Weinstein Company is planning on expanding the film into other markets!

So what does that mean for you? If you live in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston or Austin…you really need to go out this Friday and Saturday and support the movie. Because if you don’t, all the “Star Wars” fans across America will only be able to see “Fanboys” on DVD and never on a movie screen. Also, don’t you want to see Kristen Bell in a Slave Leia outfit?

Since you all know what the movie is about…let’s get to the reason you’re here….the movie clips and behind the scenes footage!

Posted below is everything I was provided, including a listing of which theaters are getting “Fanboys”. Finally, look for my exclusive interviews with director Kyle Newman, Dan Fogler, Sam Huntington and Chris Marquette in the next day or so.

And for the people just coming to this party, here’s the synopsis.

It’s 1998 and Star Wars fanboys across the globe eagerly await the release of Episode I. But for Eric, Linus, Hutch and Windows the term “fanboy” is more than just a title, it’s a badge of honor. Spurred by impatience and an undying loyalty to their cause, these former high school friends reunite to undertake the road trip of their fan-tasies. Traveling West across the country to visit their Mecca – George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch – the plan is to break in, steal the film and stake their claim as the first fanboys in history to watch it. But to secure their place in the fanboy hall of fame, they’ll have to contend with bizarre bikers, a crazy pimp, a deranged group of trekkies and the quiet intensity of William Shatner. “Fanboys” stars Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette, Dan Fogler, Jay Baruchel, Kristen Bell, Carrie Fisher, Ray Park, Joe Lo Truglio, Danny Trejo, Billy Dee Williams, Seth Rogen, Allie Grant, Christopher McDonald and William Shatner.

Fanboys Trailer

Clip 1 – Party

Clip 2 – Shatner

Clip 3 – Conquest

Clip 4 – Take off your shit

B-Roll – Behind the Scenes

1. AMC Lincoln Square
2. AMC Empire
3. Regal Union Square
4. Regal Farmingdale
5. Regal New Roc City

1.Mann Chinese
2.Arclight Sherman Oaks
3.AMC Santa Monica
4.AMC Rolling Hills
5.Regal Long Beach 26

1. Landmark Ritz at Bourse
2. AMC Neshaminy
3. AMC Cherry Hill

1. AMC Pipers Alley
2. AMC River East
3. AMC Barrington 30

1. AMC Metre on 16
2. Century 20 Downtown Redwood City
3. Century 20 Daly City
4. Century Northgate 15 Cinemas

1. AMC Studio 30
2. AMC Gulf Pointe 30
3. CITY Angelika Film Center


AMC Pacific Place

AMC Cinerama – Thursday Midnight, Friday and Sunday – NO SATURDAY.

Centurion Lincoln Square Bellevue

Regal Alderwood

Regal Parkway Plaza 12 Tukwila

1. Alamo Ritz

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