Meet the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ From the Latest Trailer

     September 28, 2016


Newt Scamander’s gotta catch ‘em all — magical creatures, that is. Warner Bros. released the final trailer today for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a film that returns fans to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, only this time we’re in New York during the 1920s. We’ve already seen and heard a great deal about some of the witches, wizards, and No-Majs of this new story by J.K. Rowling, but what about the Fantastic Beasts?

As we learned from our visit to the film’s set, there are quite a lot of them. But the new trailer has offered us our best look yet at some of the creatures that will pop out of Newt’s Mary Poppins briefcase and onto the streets of Manhattan. Here’s a breakdown of the beasties spotted in the trailer.



Image via Warner Bros.

Potterheads have seen their fair share of cinematic goblins, but this one here is voiced by Ron Perlman (Hellboy). His name is Gnarlack, and he runs a magical speakeasy called The Blind Pig, a Prohibition era underground bar for witches and wizards.



Image via Warner Bros.

Niffler’s are slippery little creatures. They’re easily distracted by and drawn to shiny objects, and this one is proving to be a mischievous beast, pretending to be a mannequin in a shop window as he caresses jewelry.



Image via Warner Bros.

Graphorns loosely resemble bison, but their hides are harder than dragon scale, which means they’re capable of withstanding most charms and curses. According to Pottermore, these two are the last breeding pair.



Image via Warner Bros.

Bowtruckles are stick-like creatures that reside nearby and defend trees. Newt’s Bowtruckle is named Pickett, who, as Eddie Redmayne told us, “has attachment issues, so, he always has to sort of be in my pocket.”



Image via Warner Bros.

Nundu are ferocious creatures, one of the most ferocious species in the entire wizarding world. While they look and act like a leopard, their breath is toxic enough to kill entire communities of humans. According to the Fantastic Beasts companion book released in 2001, the only recorded Nondu ever subdued were done so by hundreds of witches and wizards working together.



Image via Warner Bros.

Thunderbirds are pretty self-explanatory: They are immense avian creatures whose flaps incite thunderstorms. You may recall from Rowling’s Pottermore story about the origins of Ilvermorny, the North American school for magic, that the Thunderbird is the emblem of one of the four student houses.



Image via Warner Bros.

Occamy are a mixture of bird and dragon: they have long, slithering bodies with avian wings, feet, and head. Their silver eggs are highly coveted in the magical world, so Occamy are extremely defensive of them.



Image via Warner Bros.

An earlier trailer for Fantastic Beasts saw Newt giving his No-Maj buddy Jacob (Dan Fogler) a helmet, and now we know why he needs it. An Erumpent is a large creature that’s somewhere between an elephant and a rhinoceros.

You’ll see more creatures in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, hitting theaters on November 18th.

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