FANTASTIC FOUR Director Josh Trank Says He Had a “Fantastic” Version a Year Ago

     August 6, 2015


Fantastic Four is getting thoroughly savaged by critics, and currently has a 10% on Rotten Tomatoes. While plenty of blockbuster films try to jump start their marketing campaigns as early as possible, it wasn’t until late January that we got our first look at Josh Trank’s reboot. Then in the summer, there came rumors about reshoots, which Trank denied.

However, Trank tweeted out the following earlier this evening, but then deleted it about nine minutes later (presumably at the studio’s request):

That’s a pretty damning tweet, and it re-raises the question about whether or not the film was taken away from him for re-shoots. And if he was in charge of re-shoots, then it definitely sounds like he wasn’t happy with what had to be recut.

It’s rare for directors to cite an earlier cut when their movies get panned, but Trank’s name has already been dragged through the mud. The rumors said that Trank was erratic and indecisive on set and that there were costly rental property damages from his dogs. Perhaps this is him fighting back (or briefly fighting back before deleting the tweet) because what does he have to lose?

However, it’s a shame that he chose to phrase it this way because maybe down the line there could have been a “Director’s Cut”, although maybe that’s not possible because of a lack of finished effects (the ones in the theatrical cut already look sloppy and rush). Still, I’m fascinated to know what Trank’s cut looked like, and hopefully we’ll find out one day.


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