Mr. Fantastic Won’t Stretch His Body In FANTASTIC FOUR [Updated]

     April 27, 2015


This is actually not a big deal at all, but there’s a general sense of outrage out there regarding this issue (of course, it’s the year of outrage) so I feel compelled to chime in on the behalf of clarification. In director Josh Trank‘s upcoming Fantastic Four remake, Miles Teller‘s Reed Richards will not, technically, be able to stretch his body. Instead, he’ll be stretching the space around his body. What’s the actual difference? None, as far as you’ll be able to see since the stretching of the space makes it look like his body is stretching. People are sort of angry about this and I can’t tell why (aside from the fact that everyone is angry about everything these days).

It all comes from a character breakdown on the official website of Fantastic Four. There it says Richards can warp the space around him and appear to stretch his body into impossible forms and to incredible lengths.” If you’ve seen the latest trailer, this pretty much looks like Mr. Fantastic doing his thing. Honestly, if this is the kind of thing you really worry about as a film consumer, you likely have far larger problems in your life. Fantastic Four also stars Kate MaraMichael B. JordanJamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell. It hits theaters on August 7th.

Update: co-writer/producer Simon Kinberg clarified to HitFix that the website’s description was confusing, and explained:

“The intent was to try to explain the power with some sort of scientific explanation, but as you pointed out, most of his powers defy what we know about physics. The upshot of it is that he stretches in his movie. That is his power. That’s the simplest explanation.”


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