FANTASTIC FOUR: What Did You Think?

     August 7, 2015


There’s been a good deal of negativity surrounding Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four for quite some time and now that the film is actually playing in theaters nationwide, it’s only getting worse. Matt certainly wasn’t a fan and the movie is being panned almost across the board, compelling Trank to take to Twitter to defend his “fantastic version” of the movie that supposedly existed a year ago.

Folks can point fingers and lay blame all they want. What it comes down to is that we waited years for a terrible Fantastic Four movie. I admire Trank for trying to do something different by delivering a superhero movie that’s about individuals coming to terms with having powers rather than using them in a slew of epic battles, but it’s all for naught because it isn’t executed well at all.

Fantastic Four feels like four movies crammed into one. We’ve got “Reed and Ben: The Younger Years,” building the shuttle at the Baxter Institute, the learning-to-use-your-powers bit at Area 57 and then the re-introduction of Victor as a full-blown villain. It all feels insanely disjointed and the poor structure absolutely destroys any chance the movie had at establishing a viable arc for the foursome.

I could really go on and on, but this article is about you. We want to know what you think of the movie. Is Fantastic Four a total disaster or are there any redeeming qualities you were able to hold onto? Check out the trailer and sound off in the comments section below.


Image via 20th Century Fox

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