‘Fargo’ Season 3 Adds David Thewlis, Michael Stuhlbarg, and More to Cast

     December 20, 2016


FX’s Fargo continues its trend of enlisting star-studded casts to fill out the anthology series, but the upcoming Season 3 may be the most enticing roster yet. Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton in Season 1 paved the way for Kirsten Dunst in Season 2, and now a batch of names — including ones from Harry Potter, Batman v Superman, and Doctor Strange — have been added to the mix.


Image via Focus

Ewan McGregor is already top-lining Season 3 in the dual role of Emmet and Ray Stussy. According to THR, the cast now includes Michael Stuhlbarg (Doctor Strange) as Sy Feltz, Emmit’s righthand man; Scoot McNairy (who’s appeared in just about everything) as Maurice LeFay, a stoner with a criminal record; Shea Whigham (Boardwalk Empire) as Meeker County Chief of Police Moe Dammick; Karan Soni (Deadpool) as Dr. Homer Gilruth; Fred Melamed (Casual) as Howard Zimmerman, “a mover and a shaker”; and Thomas Mann (Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl) as award-winning science-fiction author Thaddeus Mobley.

The news comes after EW announced David Thewlis (Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter movies) in the series regular role of V.M. Vargas, “a mysterious loner and true capitalist who delivers Emmit, the Parking Lot King of Minnesota, the bad news that he has just become partners with his employers, whose business interests lay outside the law.”

Season 3 will also see Carrie Coon (The Leftovers) as Edna Valley Chief of Police Gloria Burgle, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 Colverfield Lane) as a recent parolee named Nikki Swango, and Jim Gaffigan as a police deputy who works alongside Gloria.

Now you really don’t have an excuse to miss out on Fargo.

Rumors have been circulating that Season 3 would take place in 2010 after the events of Season 1, though it’s unclear how/if they’ll tie in. Though production was initially said to be eyeing a November start date, THR notes it’ll start filming in January for a premiere later next year.