FAST & FURIOUS 7 Scene Revealed on FAST & FURIOUS 6 Blu-ray

     November 27, 2013


Although James Wan’s Fast & Furious 7 doesn’t open until July 11, 2014, you can get a sneak peek at a new scene by picking up Justin Lin’s Fast & Furious 6 Extended Edition on Blu-ray.  The special features section offers a look at a scene in the upcoming film, but we’ve kept the details of it after the jump since they’re rather spoilery.  The ending of Fast & Furious 6 was revelatory for a couple of reasons: for one thing, it showed that the order of preceding movies in the franchise were not necessarily in chronological order, and for another, it revealed at least one villain who would be appearing in Fast & Furious 7.  An explanation behind all of this vague rambling can be found after the jump.


fast-and-furious-6-blu-rayBefore we go any further, I’ll give you the opportunity to turn back for fear of spoilers.  Fast & Furious 6, starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Dwayne Johnson, will be available on DVD and Blu-ray starting December 10th.  If and when you pick it up, you’ll find a full scene from Fast & Furious 7 right out in the open on the main menu, or so tells us.  Here’s their description on what happens:

The scene in question is the gang at Han’s funeral … He’s dead for real, and it’s hit the gang hard. There aren’t any tears shed (they’re all too manly for that), but Vin Diesel does croak out “You were always my brother, Han. He put you in this grave, so now I’ll do the same to him.” … The bombshell comes when Ludacris says, “First Han, now Hobbs is laid up, of all people.” So at some point between FF6 and FF7, something serious happened to Hobbs to put him in the hospital … We’re betting that whatever happens to put Hobbs out of commission happens very early on during FF7, probably during the film’s opening action scene.

So there you have it.  Not only is the gang going to pull out all stops to go after Ian Shaw (Jason Statham) for killing Han (Sung Kang), but they’re going to have to do it without one of their heaviest hitters.

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