‘Queen of Earth’ Director Alex Ross Perry to Helm ‘Fear Street 2’ for Fox’s R.L. Stine Trilogy

     January 25, 2019


20th Century Fox’s Fear Street trilogy just got some serious indie cred. Alex Ross Perrywriter and director of Queen of Earth and the upcoming festival hit Her Smell, has signed on to direct the second installment in the upcoming film trilogy inspired by R.L. Stine‘s teen horror book series of the same name.

Per THR, “Set in 1978, Fear Street 2 portrays Camp Nightwing divided by campers and counselors from Sunnyvale and, when local horrors come alive, everyone must band together to solve a terrifying mystery before it’s too late.” Camp Nightwing was the setting for the 12th Fear Street book, Lights Out, though this synopsis is too vague to tell if they’ll be sticking to that story.


Image via Simon Pulse and Golden Books

As previously reported, Honeymoon helmer Leigh Janiak is directing the first and third films in the planned Fear Street trilogy, which will be released in theaters next year as a series, each film released a month after the previous title as a sort of “bingeable” film franchise. We don’t know the details on what Fear Street stories Janiak’s films are turning to for inspiration, but reportedly headed up a writers room to craft three stories that take place in different time periods. No matter what those stories end up being, Perry is a super exciting get for the franchise; a filmmaker with a distinct and weird voice that will no doubt make for a unique entry sandwiched between Janiak’s films.

The trilogy is inspired by the horror book series Stine launched before his career skyrocketed with the similar, but aged-down horror series for kids, Goosebumps. Fear Street had Stine’s knack for unconventional scares and sharp sense of humor, but aimed at an older teen audience, they were darker, more violent horror tales set in the fictional town of Shadyside, Ohio where all kinds of nightmares lie in wait.

Production on Fear Street 2 is expected to begin this summer in Atlanta.

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