FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Comic-Con Panel Recap: New Details Emerge

     July 10, 2015


There’s no bigger show on cable television right now than AMC’s The Walking Dead, and it’s no stranger to Comic-Con either. The show’s panel has been a Hall H staple since Season 3, and personally it’s one of my favorite things the Hall has to offer, period. With the show now entering its sixth season, how do you keep people excited for what’s to come during the zombie apocalypse? The answer of course, is a spin-off companion series. With AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead to premiere in August, executive producer and FX extraordinaire Greg Nicotero along with Gale Anne Hurd and the show-runner Dave Erickson have brought the show to Comic-Con this year to give us our first full look.

Previously, we’ve only seen short teasers with no real footage or grasp of the story other than that it takes place in Los Angeles, and unlike its predecessor, takes place at the start of the zombie apocalypse. From what I got to see, the show is going to focus a lot on the family drama aspect, as well as the zombie outbreak, so we’ll see if that makes or breaks the show. Check out more below: