‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 2 Teased in New Featurette

     October 5, 2015


Given the immense popularity of The Walking Dead, we knew a spinoff series was coming sooner or later. It finally landed this summer in the form of Fear the Walking Dead, and in following the formula of the flagship series, its first season concluded last night after only six episodes. But a second season of the show was ordered before it even began, and a new featurette released by AMC has the cast and creators teasing what fans can expect when the series returns in 2016.

While The Walking Dead has somewhat devolved into predictability and wheel-spinning, I actually found the majority of Fear the Walking Dead to be a refreshingly solid, character-focused spinoff. Painting the zombie apocalypse through the lens of a family drama was a very smart move on the parts of creators David Erickson and Robert Kirkman, and the compelling nature of the series was buoyed by terrific turns from actors like Kim Dickens, Frank Dillane, and Rubén Blades. The show very easily could’ve become engulfed by the prospect of seeing the early days of the infection, but it always remained a family drama above all else, and I think that’s commendable. I’m a big fan of how things progressed over the course of the season, and I look forward to seeing how things unfold in Season 2. Though honestly, as long as Kim Dickens is on this show, I’ll probably keep watching.

While there’s no new footage to be gleaned from this behind-the-scenes featurette since production on Season 2 hasn’t begun yet, this video is curious nonetheless. Story threads that you can probably count on seeing in some form or another in the show’s second season involve getting into Madison’s backstory, seeing where Nick’s addictive tendencies go in the absence of drugs, and boat adventures. Are we being set up for a Gilligan’s Island reboot? Check it out below, and click here to catch up on all of Chris’ episode recaps.


Image via AMC