Exclusive New Images from Director Robert Cuffley’s Thriller FEROCIOUS

     September 11, 2012


We’re happy to debut three exclusive new images from the upcoming Ferocious.  Directed by Robert Cuffley (Walk All Over Me), the film stars Amanda Crew (Sex Drive) as a popular television actress who returns to her small hometown under mysterious circumstances.  The truth behind her visit  is not shared with her family, the media, or even her manager, but she must revisit her former place of employment—a grungy night club—in order to retrieve something that could put an end to her career.  The trailer is effectively intriguing, promising a creepy performance from co-star Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy).

Hit the jump to check out the images.  Ferocious is slated for release sometime this fall.

Here’s the synopsis for Ferocious, followed by the images and trailer:

The future looks positively rosy for LEIGH. Having landed a role on a soap that has exploded across North America, Leigh is a star whose ascension seems to have no ceiling. On a return trip to revisit her small town roots, Leigh engages with local press, wows the crowds and has the whole town abuzz with her name.

But the truth behind her return home is not one shared with family, the media, or even her manager, CALLUM.

Late at night, she will return to her former place of employment – SHAKERS – a grungy night club. There’s something there she left behind that could put an immediate end to her career. And she’s not leaving until she gets it.



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