Imagination To Release FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Party Game; Mayan Predictions Gather Legitimacy

     November 27, 2012


Get out your tinfoil hats, another sign of the apocalypse is upon us.  Australian-based game company Imagination has created a Fifty Shades of Grey party game based upon the frighteningly popular erotic book series, which will be available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia December 10th.  The game has been approved by the series’ author E. L. James (which is like multiplying by zero) and is set for an international release in time for Valentine’s Day.  “Oh jeez,” indeed.  Hit the jump to release your Inner Goddess (and possibly the contents of your last meal).

Fifty-Shades-of-Grey-Party-GameAccording to the press release, playing the game will start with players listening to “vanilla-style” questions, and deciding which friend or fellow player best matches said question (like perhaps “which one of you will never speak to me again for subjecting you to this?”)

Most intriguingly, “to amp up the action, Imagination has also created the Red Room Expansion Pack, which brings a more risqué tone to the game.”  In other words, this is when the orgy starts.

Shane Yeed, the chief executive officer of Imagination said,

“The Fifty Shades books are a bona fide cultural phenomenon.  They offer an exciting new play pattern for our range of party games that allows everyone to finally reveal their Inner Goddess.”

The party game will be available at major booksellers, Asda, Urban Outfitters and more.  And lest you forget (or have tried to eliminate it from your mind) there’s also a movie going forward.

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