Films Announced for Tokyo International Film Festival

     September 17, 2010

As Toronto winds down, that other TIFF, the Tokyo International Film Festival, is prepping for its trip down the red carpet next month. Today, they announced eight new films for the competition section of the festival, including films from Romania, Iran, and Israel. Stand-outs include Beautiful Boy by American first-time writer-director Shawn Ku, which also screened at Toronto, and Rowan Joffe’s UK crime-thriller Brighton Rock. This brings the total to 12 of 15 films for the competition section of the fest; the full list is slated to be announced at the end of the month. The Tokyo International Film Festival kicks off October 23rd. Hit the jump for the full press release and Beautiful Boy trailer.

Beautiful Boy

Further selections for the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival Competition section revealed:

The 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) has announced additional eight films for this year’s Competition section. The full lineup of fifteen films for the Competition section will be announced in end of September. The 23rd TIFF will be held from October 23-31, 2010 at Roppongi Hills and other venues in Tokyo. The films in the Competition section will be competing for six awards, including the prestigious “Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix.” The winners will be announced at the festival’s Closing Ceremony on October 31st.

Additional announced films for the Competition Section:

“Beautiful Boy” – U.S.A
Directors: Shawn Ku
A shooting massacres in a college. Parents fear their son’s safety, but the news
they receive is beyond all imagination. A deeply touching film that questions
the way of the family, as the parents undergo extreme anguish. Starring Michael Sheen
of The Queen and Frost/Nixon.

“Brighton Rock” – U.K.

Director: Rowan Joffe
A film adaptation of the masterpiece by Graham Greene. Set in the southern English resort
of Brighton, it centers around a false relationship of a delinquent boy and an innocent
girl, portraying love and betrayal. Note Sam Riley’s performance, who left a vivid
impression in Control.

“Flamingo No.13” – Iran
Director: Hamid Reza Aligholian
Set in a small mountain village in Iran, where the villagers live quietly in the majestic
landscape of nature. A man obsessed with illegal flamingo hunting, the woman he loves,
and another man who envies their love. The director’s first work portrays the allegorical
triangular relationship through surreal, beautiful imagery.

“If the Seed Doesn’t Die” – Romania=Serbia=Austria
Director: Sinisa Dragin
The story of two fathers that cross over in chaotic Eastern Europe. In search of their
son and daughter, their journeys meet as they encounter the legend of a 200 year old church.
At the end of their travel is a breathtaking final scene―irreplaceable in any other
representation but image, so sublime.

“The Invisible Eye” – Argentina=France=Spain
Director: Diego Lerman
Towards the end of military dictatorship in 1982, Argentina. A female teacher at a strict
elitist school gets caught between discipline and desire. Her state of mind is skillfully
intertwined with social conditions using spatial images and sensitive psychological

“Intimate Grammar” – Israel
Director: Nir Bergman
1963 in Israel at a moment of peace. This is the story of Aaron, a boy who has stopped
growing up a few years before. Is it to rebel against his loveless family or the times?
This film depicts the adolescent mind allegorically and comically.

“Sarah’s Key” – France
Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner
Set in Paris, 1942―a time of intensifying oppression on the Jewish. Sarah hides her little
brother in a cupboard before being sent to a camp with the keys in her hand. Based on an
emotionally moving bestseller, flashbacks uncover tragic moments of history in this film.

“Primary!” – Spain
Director: Ivan Noel
A newly appointed art teacher portrays the children as they open up to painting in this
joyful film. A lively documentary-like depiction by realistic class room sessions and faculty
meetings. The children’s marvelous expressions top it all.


*Competition Line-up announced as of September 17, 2010.

“And Peace on Earth”  Directors: Matteo Botrugno, Daniele Coluccini – Italy
“Beautiful Boy”  Directors: Shawn Ku – U.S.A
“Brighton Rock”  Director: Rowan Joffe – U.K.
“Flamingo No.13”  Director: Hamid Reza Aligholian – Iran
“If the Seed Doesn’t Die”  Director: Sinisa Dragin – Romania=Serbia=Austria
“Intimate Grammar”  Director: Nir Bergman ? Israel
“The Invisible Eye”  Director: Diego Lerman – Argentina=France=Spain
“The Piano in a Factory”  Director: Zhang Meng ? China
“Primary!”  Director: Ivan Noel ? Spain
“Sarah’s Key”  Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner ? France
“Sketches of Kaitan City”  Director: Kazuyoshi Kumakiri – Japan
“Zephyr”  Director: Belma Bas – Turkey

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