“Final Cut 2013”: An 8-Minute Mashup Takes a Fond Look Back at the Year Film

     December 9, 2013


The year is winding down, which means its time for everyone to start looking back at the year that was.  There will be lists and retrospectives and all that good stuff that tries to condense 365 days down into less than ten minutes of your time.  The trick is who can make those ten minutes worthwhile.  JoBlo and editor Nick Bosworth have made a worthwhile 8-minute and 30-second mashup with “Final Cut 2013”, which looks back at all of the movies—both blockbusters and notable indies—that graced movie screens this year.  Not everyone can do these videos well.  Some are just a bunch of clips mashed up with music and no discernible order.  Final Cut 2013 succeeds because not only does it have good timing and music selection, but because Bosworth clearly took the time to organize his tribute by emotions—love, laughter, excitement, fear, and ultimately, inspiration.

Hit the jump to watch the video.

Via JoBlo.


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