‘Final Space’ Season 1 Now Available to Stream Exclusively on VRV

     November 7, 2018

final-space-streaming-vrvAs of today, VRV is the exclusive SVOD home for Final Space season one from TBS, with the first four episodes available to binge now and new episodes airing every Wednesday. The series, created by Olan Rogers and executive produced by Conan O’Brien, is one of the best animated debuts of the year. It may look like a straight-up silly comedy on the outside–and it is very funny–but there’s a surprising amount of heart and actual life-threatening stakes for this cast of cartoon characters.

Final Space is an epic animated sci-fi comedy about the adventures of a spaceman named Gary and his mysterious new alien friend Mooncake. The series was created and executive produced by filmmaker, actor and YouTube creator Rogers, alongside O’Brien, and David Sacks. Final Space stars Olan Rogers, Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny, David Tennant, Tika Sumpter, Steven Yeun and Coty Galloway. If you missed its inaugural run on TBS, you’re in luck because the excellent streaming content platform VRV can now bring the adventure right into your living room.


Image via TBS

“With ‘Final Space,’ we created a show that pairs genuine emotion and real stakes with comedy and premium animation, making it a perfect fit for VRV,” said Rogers. “We hope VRV’s community loves the series and catches up on all the action before season 2 premieres next year.”

“‘Final Space’ is more than a sci-fi adventure, it’s a show about finding yourself and your tribe. The series is a powerful blend of the fantastic comedic elements that made us fall in love with animation and the emotional storytelling that moves us to care deeply about the characters,” said Gabriel VanHuss, head of programming, VRV. “If you ever wanted to laugh, cry, and go on amazing adventures with your best friends – this show is for you.”

Rogers worked to make Final Space feel different than other animated series by creating a universe with real world consequences, creating an animated series that felt impactful and important. And as to the animation style, Rogers wanted all the space elements to look real, so the team compiled space backgrounds from NASA photographs. Davis Sacks also commented on the animation team playing with scale in the series, juxtaposing the smallness of people against the vastness of space: “Here is a group of ragtag individuals trying to save the entire world…but at the same time, simultaneously, they’re just a speck in the vastness. …We don’t talk about it that much, it’s just weaved into the animation.”


Image via TBS, VRV

Season 2 of Final Space is currently in production. The new season will air on TBS and VRV in 2019.


But wait, there’s more! VRV has long been my go-to provider for all sorts of streaming content, from animation, to anime, to horror, and beyond. Here’s a look at just a few of their recent additions:

  • The recently announced Boomerang channel will be available on VRV starting Tuesday, November 13th and will feature a robust library of nostalgic animated content.
  • All four seasons of Mike Tyson Mysteries and the classic animated series Jabberjaw will be available on VRV in early 2019, to complement VRV’s slate of premium animated content – with more to come from WarnerMedia in the New Year. Fun fact: Mike Tyson Mysteries was inspired by the antics and adventures in Jabberjaw.
  • VRV also recently announced HIDIVE joining the platform’s channel lineup, bringing their full slate of over 500 dubbed, subtitled and uncensored anime to the platform before the end of the year.