Watch: Fiona Apple’s Music Video for “Hot Knife,” Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

     July 24, 2013


Though the five years between Punch-Drunk Love and There Will Be Blood and There Will Be Blood and The Master felt like way, way too long to wait for new material from filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, it looks like he’s now hit a more prolific period of his career.  Fresh off of last year’s The Master, Anderson is currently shooting his next film Inherent Vice, and while we wait for that film’s release next year, Anderson has shot a new music video for Fiona Apple.  The video has actually been in the works for a while now, but Anderson had to postpone the shoot due to The Master.  Now the music video for “Hot Knife” is complete and online for our viewing pleasure, and it’s a simple yet slightly mesmerizing piece of work.

Hit the jump to watch the music video for Fiona Apple’s “Hot Knife.”


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