Fiore Films to Produce Gotti Biopic; Is Sly Stallone Still Interested in the Project?

     September 22, 2010


The life and times of John Gotti Jr. is headed to the silver-screen.  Producer Marc Fiore (of Fiore Films) will spearhead the project which is currently being scribed by veteran actor Leo Rossi.  Production is slated to begin next year with a budget of approximately $15 million via, ahem, private investors (I’m not asking any questions).  Per Variety, the script will revolve around Gotti Jr.’s “last visit to his father to say he was ending his life of crime and getting out of the family business.”  In the report, Gotti Jr. expresses his interest in the film being more an accurate portrayal of the mob-life and less “shoot-em-up.”  I guess I’m the only one who thought “shoot-em-up” was an accurate portrayal of mobsters…

Over the summer, we reported that Sylvester Stallone and Gotti Jr. were in talks for Sly to make the film and star as poppa Gotti.  While his writing and producing credit may be accounted for, no other talent has been attached to the film which means Stallone could still star and possibly direct.  Though I’m not a huge proponent of Sly playing the elder Gotti, based purely upon my inexplicable love for Rocky IV, I wouldn’t mind seeing him behind the camera.  All of this said, I’m not sure how well his price-tag would gel with the project’s stated $15 million production budget.  What are your thoughts on the project and Sly’s possible involvement?  Let us know in the comments.

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