First Look at Brian Austin Green as Metallo on SMALLVILLE

     August 17, 2009

Smallville logo.jpg

While some can’t believe The CW Network’s “Smallville” is still on the air, the show is currently filming its 9th season and if the crowd at Comic-Con is any indication, it’s still loved by a ton of fans. Anyway, to help promote the upcoming season, The CW Network has released the first image of Brian Austin Green as Metallo. Brian is doing a two episode guest spot starting with the September 25th season premiere. See what he looks like after the jump:

According to TV Guide Magazine, “Green plays John Corben, a new Daily Planet reporter who becomes the comic-book villain Metallo. In the aftermath of an accident, Corben is mysteriously outfitted with a heart made of kryptonite.”

I think we can all agree someone has seen “Iron Man”…

Brian Austin Green as Metallo on Smallville.jpg