IMAX Showings of ‘Mission: Impossible’ Will Feature an Exclusive ‘First Man’ Sneak Peek

     July 26, 2018


If you’re seeing Mission: Impossible – Fallout in IMAX this weekend (and you should), you’ll be treated to an extended sneak peek of another highly anticipated film. IMAX announced today that only in IMAX theaters, audiences will get to experience an extended exclusive trailer for First Man, which is Oscar-winning La La Land director Damien Chazelle’s ambitious new film about the journey to put a man on the moon.

Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong in the film, which chronicles the years of innovation, danger, and gutting loss that eventually culminated in America putting the first men on the surface of the moon. Select scenes of the movie were filmed using IMAX cameras, and one imagines these particular scenes will be showcased in this IMAX-exclusive trailer that will be playing in front of Fallout.

This is a great twofer, as Fallout is garnering incredible reviews and looks to be a top-notch time at the movies, while First Man is one of the major contenders in this year’s Oscar season.

You can watch a short teaser of the IMAX trailer below. First Man was written by Josh Singer (Spotlight) and also stars Claire Foy, Jason ClarkeKyle ChandlerPatrick FugitCiaran HindsEthan EmbryShea WhighamCorey Stoll, and Pablo Schreiber. The film opens in traditional and IMAX theaters on October 12th.

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