First Official Photo from James Cameron’s AVATAR

     August 14, 2009


Judging from what I saw at Comic-Con (read my full coverage here; READ IT.), “Avatar” looks like a great adventure movie.  It’s not going to change cinema and our lives forever, but it looks like a grand adventure movie, and that really should be enough.  I was more exhilarated by the 25 minutes of footage I saw at Comic-Con than the never-ending runtime of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”.

While this first official image from the film originally appeared in Entertainment Weekly, Fox International has now released the photo online.  What you’re looking at takes place before the film goes completely CGI on the Nav’i planet but you get your first look at what an Avatar looks like.  Hit the jump to see the full image because you have to check this out.  Oh, there’s also an image of James Cameron holding a camera.  I really buried the lead there.

To find out how to get your first look at “Avatar” in 3D and for FREE, click here.  “Avatar” hits theaters on December 18th.

Click on the images below to see them in high-resolution.  You should click the Cameron one first because you’ve never seen James Cameron holding a camera on his shoulder before.




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